Your Voice On The Board

Reduce The Tax Burden


The County must reduce the size and scope of government and consolidate services.  There are several opportunities to modernize and streamline our operations, by improving and eliminating antiquated systems.  We have to evaluate our current way in which the County performs services and upgrade with newer technology, when it makes sense.  Our goal should be to improve services, make employees more efficient, and offset costs with technology, when appropriate.


DuPage County needs to take a leadership role by first leading by example and cutting costs where it is possible, and then demonstrating that we can do more with less.  We then must encourage local government to work together to find opportunities to reduce costs, eliminate duplication, and continue to drive efficiencies—if we are going to reduce taxes and maintain our way of life in DuPage.  


County government through its decisions and actions must be responsible for creating and achieving standards of performance.  The focus on organizational accountability and performance should include the idea of combining traditional accountability approaches – reporting, auditing, focusing on inefficiencies, waste, and poor performance – with the new approach of including organizational and employee learning.  County government must rally around best practices to improve efficiency for all of us.


County government’s main purpose is to serve the people.  Government’s obligation is to share information with the public on how it officially conducts public business and spends taxpayers’ money.  The information must be readily available and easily understood.  Transparency promotes good and just governance.  Information should be made available for everyone to review online. 

Economic Development

Economic development and job creation are critical to keeping taxes low in DuPage County.  Sales tax revenue is in decline and will have an adverse impact on the County’s budget if it is not rectified.  The County needs to recruit business that will be a good fit for our community, provide quality jobs, and produce sales tax revenue.  The County must continue to foster economic growth, by creating a climate and providing the support that business and industry find attractive.  Business location decisions are influenced by a skilled work force, reduced business limitations, high performing schools, and attractive work environments.         

Common Sense Development

District 4 is very developed and mostly residential.  Projects such as road upgrades and business developments can have a huge adverse impact on local communities.  Just because something can be built, it does not always make sense to do it.  We need to find a way to get local communities more involved in the process, and give them more say in the decision process verses the broader County.


Water quality and environmental issues are important to me, as well as the community.  Having a background in science and technology and a business that works with environmental laboratories, I see the positive and negative impact that water quality has on the environment—and ultimately on our way of life.  We need to continue to improve water quality in the county as well as air and waste management.  We need to be good stewards of the environment, but take a realistic approach to how it is performed.


We need to help seniors be able to stay in their homes.  Many seniors find it difficult to afford basic necessities, let alone pay their property tax bill.  They should not be forced to move away from their families and friends.  I plan to work with the other board members to look for solutions to this difficult problem.