About Chinchilla

Craig Chinchilla is a small business owner, who has lived in Glen Ellyn for over two decades.  He graduated with degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Northern Illinois University, before working in environmental engineering, industrial, and chemical industries.  Since 2004 he has owned and operated a successful scientific instrumentation business—working with national and international businesses, universities, and governmental agencies.  His company helps businesses simplify complicated processes to reduce cost and help employees become more efficient.  He invented an analytical technique, known as the “Green Nitrate Method,” for water testing.  The method was approved by the US EPA in record time, due to its ability to promote workplace safety—by eliminating the use of carcinogens and the development of hazardous waste.  Craig served on a trade delegation to Costa Rica in 2006, further bolstering his depth of communication and cooperation skills.  He aims to bring his vast knowledge of business, science, and technology to the County Board.

Craig has been married to his wife, Dorothy, for 26 years—and they have been blessed with six wonderful children.  Servants at heart, Craig and Dorothy have instilled in their children to give back to the community.  They are active by participating in the Illinois Prairie Path cleanup; take part in the civic process, by working at the polling place; and run charity races to help disadvantaged children, and homeless veterans.  Last year, the Chinchilla family was featured in the Daily Herald for their incredible craftsmanship in design and engineering of some of the most spectacular boats that had competed over the last decade in the Glen Ellyn Cardboard Boat Regatta.  Knowing that a healthy business district helps reduce property taxes—Craig and his family designed a 16ft dragster, “Shop in Town,” to promote shopping at local businesses. DuPage has provided a great environment for his family to thrive, and Craig wants to use his expertise to ensure the same opportunities exist for you and your family.  Craig believes strong families, build strong communities.          

Why He is Involved

DuPage is a great place to live, work, and raise a family—but our way of life is threatened by economic pressures.  Simply put, taxes are too high.  DuPage County collects $2.74 billion in property taxes each year and then distributes most of it back to over 400 governmental units in the county.  Government must stop going back to the taxpayer and asking for more and more money.  Craig believes it is not good enough to keep taxes level—we must reduce the tax burden.  As a business owner who helps businesses become more efficient, Craig will bring a unique set of skills to the Board that is not normally found in people who only have government experience.  If we are going to maintain and improve our quality of life here in DuPage, government needs to become more efficient in the way it operates, reduce its size and scope, and cut spending.

What He Will Do

Craig plans to cut taxes by making government more efficient.  There are several opportunities to modernize and streamline County operations by improving and eliminating antiquated systems.  He will evaluate the current way in which the County performs services and upgrade with newer technology when it makes sense.  Our goal should be to improve services, make employees more efficient, and offset costs with technology when appropriate. Craig will help DuPage County take a leadership role by first leading by example, cutting costs, and demonstrating the County can do more with less.  He will then encourage local government to work together to find opportunities to reduce costs, eliminate duplication, and continue to drive efficiency.  He will work to hold our government officials accountable and reduce the size and scope of government.  Craig will work with businesses and municipalities to grow our local economy and reduce our dependency on property taxes.  Most importantly, Craig will work with our district and listen to your concerns to ensure DuPage County continues to be an excellent place for all of us to live.  Craig will be your voice on the Board.