About Chinchilla

About Craig

My wife, Dorothy, and I have lived in Glen Ellyn for 21 years. We have six wonderful children and are active in the community. I have a background in science and technology, and have owned and operated a successful business since 2004. My company helps businesses simplify complicated processes to reduce costs and become more efficient.


Days to the Primary Election - March 20, 2018









Becky McBride – Wife of late Jerry “JR” McBride, former County Board Member, District 4  “I am supporting Craig Chinchilla because I know Jerry would be behind him.  Craig will continue the work Jerry began on the County Board.”  

Kay Frost – Glen Ellyn 2016 Senior of the Year.  

Illinois Family Action PAC  “The IFA board of directors have unanimously endorsed Craig Chinchilla for DuPage County Board.”  

Illinois Citizens for Life, PAC    “The Board of Directors of Illinois Citizens for Life, PAC has voted to endorse your candidacy for DuPage County Board Commissioner in the 4th District. Your 100% pro-life written and stated position and commitment to Life is deserving of this endorsement.”  

The Issues

I’ve walked our district and talked to many homeowners. Several are considering leaving DuPage County, because property taxes are too high.

DuPage County District 4


District 4 is located in the heart of DuPage County and contains part or all of the following communities: Winfield, Wheaton, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights, and Bloomingdale.